woensdag 20 maart 2013


I wish I could visit this magnificent place listed on the UNESCO list. Doesn't it look charming?

Rhodes (ro-dos in Greek) is the jewel in the Dodecanese crown. It’s big, brash and bold and receives by far the lion’s share of visitors to this island group. It’s open year-round and enjoys an exceptionally mild climate. It combines all that is needed in a holiday island: beaches, nightlife, culture, scenery, greenery and comfort. Like Crete, its larger neighbour to the southwest, it could almost exist independently of the Greek mainland.

Rhodes grows on you slowly. If you’re not captivated at once by the intriguing and almost magical World Heritage–listed old centre of Rhodes Town with its labyrinthine back streets and medieval fortifications, you will be by the dreamy beaches, snaking mountain roads, wild almost untouched interior and rocky mountains. The best dining and accommodation is found on Rhodes.

The island is also the focal point for most regional transport and you will almost inevitably pass through the island at some stage. [source: lonelyplanet]

Thank you very much Milda!

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