woensdag 20 maart 2013


Dominique has sent me a nice illustrative map of Département 67, Bas-Rhin. It is a long time ago since I have received a new map for my French départements collection!

The Bas-Rhin is one of the two departments that form the picturesque region of Alsace. It accounts for a population of more than one million inhabitants, and the main towns are Strasbourg, Haguenau and Séléstat. The Rhine River flows across Alsace from the north to the south and marks a natural border between the Bas-Rhin and Germany.

The Bas-Rhin departement has plenty of vestiges and patrimony such as ancient churches or medieval castles. Indeed, it has the most important numbers of fortified castles of France! Numerous pretty villages have to be visited, as it offers a good glimpse of what is really the Alsatian culture in all its senses (dialect, architecture, gastronomy…). For instance, Hunspach or Seebach shelter beautiful examples of Alsatian half-timbered houses decorated with many flowers as the geraniums, definitely the most widespread and popular ones.

The famous vineyards are stretched at the foot of the Vosges mountains. It benefits from the special weather of Alsace that is due to the Vosges mountains that form a natural barrier. The departement offers marvellous landscapes and has an unspoilt nature. One third of the Bas-Rhin is covered by forest and this various and important nature enabled the area of the northern Vosges to become “Regional Natural Park” and to receive the label “world reserve of the biosphere”.

Bas-Rhin is also rich in surprises. Thus, many interesting activities can be done such as the visit of a leisure park completely dedicated to storks which are numerous in this region. The volerie des aigles offers spectacles with eagles or either a walk in the site called “monkeys mountain” is entertaining.

This department is definitely a place satisfying multiple expectations. Wine lovers will appreciate the wine route and its fantastic wines. The people who want to discover another facet of France and a picturesque region will not be disappointed while the families will be fond of the various activities the Bas-Rhin offers, whether it is sport or culture.
[source: french-property.com]

Thank you very much Dominique

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