More about me + address

As you have read in the 'about me' section, I am trying to collect a postcard from every country/territory in the world. When you are travelling to a country I haven't received a card from, know any family members/relatives in such areas that are not included in my collection, I would love to receive a postcard from there! Note: The card should preferably be sent without envelope, if possible.

You can also send me a card out of the blue. When you write your address on it I will promise a card will be sent back.

Wesley Guijt
Aldo van Eycklaan 30
2343 NH Oegstgeest
The Netherlands

You can also contact me when you can offer a French département (maps with numbers if you have one, though not necessary) card or a US state map postcard. Check this page out to see which cards I have already received :

Thank you in advance!

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