dinsdag 11 december 2012

Plumed whistling-duck

The Plumed Whistling-Duck is one of two whistling or tree ducks found in Australia. It is a tall, long necked duck, with very prominent long lanceolate off-white plumes edged in black along the flanks. The face and foreneck are light, the crown and hind neck are pale brown and the brown feathers of the upper back are edged buff. The breast is pale chestnut, finely barred in black. The bill is mottled pink and grey and the legs and feet are pink. It is also known as Grass Whistle Duck, Eyton's Plumed, Red-legged or Whistling Tree-duck, Grass, Grey or Red-legged Whistler, and the Monkey Duck.

The Plumed Whistling-Duck is mainly found in the northern and eastern tropics of Australia, it also extends southwards to New South Wales in the east but does not come far south of the Kimberleys in the west. [source: birdsinbackyards.net]

Thank you very much Heather!

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