vrijdag 7 december 2012


This card is sent from an American military base, hence the US stamp. The postmark says APO which means Army Post Office. AE stands for Armed Forces Europe and the 5 numbers indicate the base is located in Kabul. Jon says he was planning to send me a particular postcard he had in mind, but couldn't get it due to a suicide bomber. It is hard to imagine what kind of things are going on. Luckily the US troops are well trained to fight against this terror. For me this is definitely a very special postcard.

By any stretch of the imagination, Afghanistan isn’t the simplest country to travel in. For the visitor, it’s a world away from backpacking in Thailand or island-hopping in Greece. It’s a country recovering from nearly three decades of war, with a host of continuing problems. You’ll need to invest time getting the latest safety information, and news from other travellers or colleagues working in the country.

While it remains a volatile, often hostile area, Afghanistan contains some incredible treasures. Kabul sets a buzzing pace and Mazar-e Sharif & Northeastern Afghanistan is the home of the country's most sacred site. Samangan (Aibak) is the site for the caves and shrines of Takht-e Rostam, a hidden Buddhist gem and while the senseless destruction of the Buddha statues of Bamiyan still resonates, their ruins, set in a serene valley, are an awe inspiring sight.

But with the right preparations, and a constant ear to the ground once you’re there, travel in Afghanistan is not only a possibility but also incredibly rewarding. The post-Taliban scene has brought investment to the country for the first time in years, and the logistics of getting around and finding somewhere to stay has become increasingly straightforward. Not only that, it’s an addictive country to visit. Once in Afghanistan, there’s something about the people, the history and even the air that can get in your blood and promise to draw you back again. Do your research, and you’ll find Afghanistan a truly rewarding country. [source: lonelyplanet]

Thank you very much Jon! Stay safe.

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