vrijdag 17 mei 2013


Hello everyone. Sorry for my long absence! I am currently very occupied with setting up my own postcard webshop and therefore I have a lot of obligations coming towards me like inscribing my webshop into the chamber of commerce, ordering/designing postcards, setting up/designing the website, book keeping etc. This takes a lot of time but especially asks for a lot of investing.  The latter is one of the logical reasons why I can't permit myself anymore to send lots of postcards and decided to put the collecting hobby on a low. So unfortunately I will not update my blog regularly due to lack of time, naturally, but also simply not receiving postcards (which I will miss a lot!). Maybe later this year I will have more time and money to get back to sending postcards and bringing you informative posts on this blog, although studying in the Netherlands with the current plans will become even more expensive in 2014, so I have yet to see that.

I do want to share this postcard with you which Alex has sent me from the L'oise region in France. I really really love these French départements postcards and therefore a big thank you goes out to Alex! He has recently began a blog which you can find through the following link. Be kind to take a look and become a follower. http://jazzstamps.blogspot.fr/

This summer I will be heading to Spain (Salou, Barcelona, Tarragona, Reus) to spend my holidays and during that time I do want to send some postcards from there despite all this. If you want to receive a postcard from there, do not hesitate to send me a message and I will put you on the list :)

For now, see you all soon!

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  1. Hi Wesley,
    What a beautiful postcard this is from France! I’ve never been to France, but I sure would love to visit that place someday. If not, I can still admire it through postcards and stamps. I checked out the online stamp catalogue I usually visit and found that same exact stamp from France. It was issued in 2013, February 22, entitled Les Chemins de Saint-Jacques-de-Compostelle.