zondag 10 maart 2013


Pula (ancient Polensium) is a large regional centre with a wealth of Roman ruins to explore. The highlight is a remarkably well preserved Roman amphitheatre that dominates the town centre and is often the scene of concerts and shows. Despite the busy commercial life, Pula retains an easy-going small-town appeal. The nightlife, restaurants and cultural activity are the best in Istria. Although there are no beaches within the city, a short bus ride takes you south to the resorts on the Verudela Peninsula. The scenery around Pula is undramatic, as the region is relatively flat and its original oak forests have been replaced with shrubs and pine groves. The landscape is also marred by a crush of residential and holiday developments, but the indented coastline south of the city that extends to the Premantura Peninsula is studded with rocky bays and coves. [source: lonelyplanet]

Thank you very much Nenad!

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