vrijdag 18 januari 2013

Sunwu garden on Qionglong hill (Zang Shu), Wuzhong district.

Qionglong Hill Scenic District of Forest-ranger is located west of Suzhou, on north bank of Taihu Lake. It can reach the scenic area through 230 provincial road, Shanghai-Nanjing Expressway, Suzhou-Jiaxing-Hangzhou Expressway, belt highway. It has land area of about 18km2, governing 2 communities with total population about 5000.

It is the place of the highest hill of Suzhou with altitude of 341.7m. It has wide region, forest and beautiful scene, combining the culture of politics, military affairs, religion, literature. The ancient strategist Sunwu once lived here and accomplished the world famous《Sunwuzi Military Science》, and Emperor Qianlong of Qing Dynasty visited here for 6 times, left many stories; Xihan Dynasty minister Zhumaichen once studied and chopped firewood here; the famous anti-Jin dynasty general Hanshizhong met his troops here and built temple to enjoy the moon scene; the recent period famous personage, Patriotic personages of Mr. Ligenyuan bought a piece of land and buried his mother here, and also met many famous personage here and left many pieces of petroglyph, which made here being named as “The Museum of Open Air Calligraphy Art”. 

In 2008, Qionglong hill scenic zone succeeded in establishing national 4A level scenic zone. At present, it is in full power to construct the infrastructure of the scenic zone and the supplemental tourism projects, to build the cultural brand tourism with the main line of Sunzi military science, the supplemental line of religion amd historic culture, the basis of ecologic natural resources. The annual China Suzhou Qionglong Hill Sunzi Military Cultural Festival attracts many military experts from more than 10 countries home and abroad, which greatly raises the reputation of Wuzhong District home and abroad. The average increase rates of tourists and integrative annual income are over 30%.
[source: szwz.gov.cn]

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