dinsdag 15 januari 2013

North & South Dakota

It’s flat, cold and way up there; but North Dakota is definitely not the same old ordinary vacation everybody else is doing. It’s reputed to be the least-visited state in the US, though that has more to do with location than appeal. Hunting is a primary draw, but North Dakota lends itself equally well to other outdoor pursuits including windsurfing and birdwatching. The more time you spend in the vast, wide-open landscapes, the more surprised you’ll be by the pockets of sophistication in Fargo, the state’s only significant city. [source: lonelyplanet]

Some of the most arresting scenery in the entire country is found here, tucked away in this remote and wild state. The weirdly lunar formations of the Badlands, like an inverted Grand Canyon, are unmissable. Then there’s the Black Hills, full of forests, mountains, creeks, canyons, wildlife and two of the country’s most recognizable monuments: Mount Rushmore and Crazy Horse. Elsewhere there are important Native American sites and some pleasant cities to explore. [source: lonelyplanet]

Number 27&28/50 for my collection.

Thank you very much Stacey!

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