dinsdag 8 januari 2013

New York State

Number 24/50 for my collection! 

There’s upstate and downstate and never the twain shall meet. The two have about as much in common as the Upper East Side and the Bronx. And yet everyone shares the same governor and legislature in the capital, Albany. While this incompatibility produces legislative gridlock, it’s a blessing for those who cherish quiet and pastoral idylls as much as Lower East side bars and the subway. Defined largely by its inland waterways, the Hudson River, the 524-mile Erie Canal connecting Albany to Buffalo, and the St Lawrence River, New York stretches to the Canadian border at world-famous Niagara Falls and the under-the-radar Thousand Islands. Buffalo is a cheap, foodies’ paradise and wine aficionados can pick their favorite vintage from around the state, but especially in the Finger Lakes region close to the college town of Ithaca. From wilderness trails with backcountry camping to small town Americana, miles and miles of sandy beaches, from the historic, grand estates and artists colonies in the Hudson Valley and Catskills to the rugged and remote Adirondacks it’s easy to understand why so many people leave the city never to return. [source: lonelyplanet]

Thank you very much Emily!

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