woensdag 2 januari 2013

New Mexico

Great card and stamps! Number 22/50 for my collection! 

Strewn with earth-tone adobes and decorated with boughs of blood-red ristras, New Mexico has an undeniable style. It’s a sparsely populated state, and there’s perhaps nowhere else in the US where three cultures – Native American, Hispanic and Anglo – intersect so pointedly. Ancient Pueblos, 300-year-old haciendas and modern buildings stand in close proximity, surrounded by wild open spaces. For centuries, Native American markets have drawn thousands lured by famed black-on-black pottery or Navajo weavings. Silhouetted crosses top centuries-old Spanish Catholic and missionary churches, and the landscape was burned into memory by the legendary Georgia O’Keeffe.

When you think you’ve finally pinned it down, New Mexico always turns to show a completely different side. Creatures from outer space lurk in Roswell. Bats plumb the ethereal corners of Carlsbad Caverns. Art lovers cruise the galleries of Santa Fe. Whether it’s cosmopolitan, untamed or cross-cultural, New Mexico has something to show you. [source: lonelyplanet]

Thank you very much Michelle!

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