woensdag 16 januari 2013

Lithuania collection

Labas! I just realised I have forgotten to include a very nice Vilnius postcard sent by Milda I received a few days ago on my blog. Why not include some other nice Lithuanian postcards along that I received before? :) Enjoy!

Bizarre, beautiful and bewitching, Lithuania's capital seduces visitors with its astonishing Old Town charm. Its chocolate-box baroque skyline littered with the spires of Orthodox and Catholic churches are intoxicating, decadent and fragile - so much so that Unesco has declared this, Europe's largest baroque old town, a World Heritage site. But there's more to this devilishly attractive capital than meets the eye. There is an underlying oddness that creates its soul.

Where else could there be the world's only statue of psychedelic musician and composer Frank Zappa? Or a self-proclaimed, unofficial, independent republic inhabited by artists and dreaming bohemians? Where else is there the spirit of freedom and resistance that existed during Soviet occupation? There are reminders of loss and pain everywhere, from the horror of the KGB's torture cells to the ghetto in the centre of all this beauty where the Jewish community lived before their mass wartime slaughter.

Strange bars glow inside dark courtyards and medieval archways frame the life of the narrow, cobbled streets through which change has swept with panache. Using foreign cash and local vision, this stylish little city has big plans. But new business and infrastructure - even a skyscraper skyline - won't disguise the curious charm of eccentric, soulful Vilnius.

More information on Kaunas will follow later with a soon to be received postcard.

The Neringa area on the coast of Lithuania is home to some unique and quite breathtaking natural scenery. The sandy offshore bar (the Curonian Spit) that comprised Neringa is characterised by vast desert-like tracts of land, great forests, and a number of small romantic villages.

The scenery is so attractive that a toll has been introduced to limit the number of tourists that come to Neringa.


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Sent by : Milda, Lidija, Paula, Viktorija & Lina (Do you notice something similar?)

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