vrijdag 11 januari 2013


A beautiful Tunisian postcard with a beautiful stamp. Perfect.

The small attractive resort city of Hammamet (meaning , Baths) is considered one of Tunisia's biggest tourist traps . The city's charm is further stressed by its wonderful sandy beaches on the Mediterranean . Uncountable things are highly admired by tourists , including the serene view of boat voyages and the Tunisian little kids dancing in narrow streets in their traditional dress . Hammamet contains fabulous tourist facilities including hotels , restaurants , shops , markets and entertainment facilities , which make your holiday perfect . Here , you can enjoy a style of architecture that is marked with fine symmetry as the buildings in Hammamet are restrained in height including even the hotels . The town is best toured by a taxi form the main taxi rank by the medina . Hammamet's medina overlooks the sea and has two main streets: Ave Habib Bourguiba (which connects with the road to Hammamet Sud) and Ave de la Republique which heads northeast from the medina to Hammamet Nord and on to Nabeul. [source: Tunisiavista.com]

Thank you very much Anne!

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