donderdag 24 januari 2013

Common genet

I learned something new today! I seriously never knew these creatures were existing. The common genet is apparently well spread throughout Southern Europe and Africa, but I've never seen one in real life, the zoo or on TV. And the stamp is in my opinion a really good one since it warns people to pay attention while driving and not to play with your mobile phone. I absolutely abhor people who even dare to touch their phones while driving, so I'm glad this topic receives a lot of attention, even through stamps. The text on the screen says : ¡Pierde la llamada. no la vida! which means 'Lose the call, not your life!' if my Spanish doesn't fail me. And ¡Atento a la condución! means 'Pay attention to driving!'

The common genet, genetta genetta, is also known as both the European and small-spotted genet. They measure 32 to 42 inches (80 to 106 centimeters) long from head to tail, with males being ever so slightly longer than females. They are not heavy creatures, weighing in at 3 to 5.5 pounds (1.4 to 2.5 kilograms). The common genet has a fur coat that is yellowish-gray in color and covered in black spots as well as stripes running across its tail. They have rounded ears, brown eyes, large heads, and white patches beneath the eyes as well as near the tip of their pointed muzzle. They also have retractable claws, much like a cat, which they use to climb trees with minimal effort.

The common genet can be found in Africa and Europe, and the Middle East. They prefer to live in dry areas like rocky hills and Mediterranean woodlands. This creature will often make its home where its favorite food source, the wood mouse, is abundant and where they can be protected by the vegetation from predators. They are primarily nocturnal animals, hunting at night and resting during the day. It is not uncommon however, for young ones to be seen moving about in the daylight. Even though males and females may have home ranges that overlap, these animals are primarily solitary creatures.

The diet of a common genet consists of small mammals, birds, insects, amphibians, lizards, fruits and eggs. Their use their impeccable senses of smell and hearing to help track down their prey. They will also climb trees in order to steal eggs from time to time. Common predators of these animals needs include snakes, leopards and owls. [source:]

Thank you very much Magdalena and Walter!/ ¡Muchas gracias Magdalena y Walter!

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  1. wow who would have thought such a creature lives nearby! learnt something new today too :)