maandag 7 januari 2013

Blue twilight in Finland

What an incredible scenery and light. Looking at this, the need to visit Finland some day becomes bigger and bigger! Note the nice cancellation showing the arctic circle latitudes in combination with this 2012 christmas stamp. Here some info on Lapland:

Extending hundreds of kilometres above the Arctic Circle, Lapland is Finland’s true wilderness. For many, this northern extreme is the classic Finland – a mysterious land of clear Arctic air where the midnight sun brings continuous daylight in the brief summer (June to August) and the long, polar nights offer the chance to view the stunning aurora borealis (October to March). From September, the period known locally as ruska (autumn) produces exceptional colours of gold, red and brown, and in the far north kaamos, the season of eerie bluish light, begins late in October.

Opportunities to get out and experience this sugar-coated wonderland are endless. In winter you can mush with husky-dogs, ski in downhill resorts, cheer for reindeer races on frozen lakes, drill a hole and go ice-fishing or snowmobile through forests. In summer, hike through pristine national parks in endless daylight and raft down whitewater rivers. The only limitation here is your budget. [source: lonelyplanet]

Thank you very much Outi!/Kiitos Outi!

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