vrijdag 11 januari 2013


Number 25/50 for my collection!  Yay, halfway and hopefully my collection will soon be complete.

The Grand Canyon state contains all the varied puzzle pieces of the contemporary Southwest, taking in the spires of Monument Valley and the upscale nightlife of Scottsdale. A big tent state of libertarian cowboys and shop­aholic suburbanites, cacti canyons and desert golf courses, Arizona still embraces an Old West flavor.

Staking out opposite ends of the state, it claims the cool college towns of Tucson and Flagstaff. Victorian mining towns like Bisbee and Jerome exude rough-cut character, and New Agers in Sedona revel in its unseen energy. Travelers pass back and forth through the busy border hub of Nogales, and Wild West tourists flock to the shoot ’em up town of Tombstone. But in the end, the Grand Canyon is always Arizona’s showy jewel. [source: lonelyplanet]

Thank you very much Irma!

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