maandag 24 december 2012

Take it easy....Bahamas

Okay, this is rather interesting. This card from the Bahamas took some time to reach me and the sender and I weren't really sure why it was taking so long. Today I received this lovely card and noticed it had a slightly different cancellation than the first card I received from the Bahamas. When you look closely you can see that the card was stamped in Freeport on the 20th of November, but you can also clearly see 17th of December. The latter cancellation reminded me very much of the Australian post and I was right. Apparently this card has travelled to the Netherlands with a 'layover' in Australia. Why? I have no clue as the address is correct and the Bahamas isn't a territory of Australia so it had no reason to make a stop which sometimes happens with French overseas territories for example. SWLF = Sydney West letter facility, by the way. If anyone has an explanation, feel free to comment.

                                                        Thank you very much Niki!

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