dinsdag 18 december 2012

Museum complex Old Orhei

Orheiul Vechi ('Old Orhei', marked on maps as the village of Trebujeni) is arguably Moldova's most fantastic sight. It's certainly among its most haunting places. The Orheiul Vechi Monastery Complex, carved into a massive limestone cliff in this wild, rocky, remote spot, draws visitors from around the globe.

The Cave Monastery (Mănăstire în Peşteră), inside a cliff overlooking the gently meandering Răut River, was dug by Orthodox monks in the 13th century. It remained inhabited until the 18th century, and in 1996 a handful of monks returned to this secluded place of worship and are slowly restoring it. You can enter the cave via an entrance on the cliff's plateau. [source: lonelyplanet]

Thank you very much Oxana!

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