vrijdag 28 december 2012

Grand' Anse

Once again a breathtaking view from Réunion with very pretty stamps. Information on the stamps was hard to find. Piton des Neiges is a mountain on the island of Réunion and the other stamp says Noix de coco et fleur topicale which means 'Coconut and tropical flower', from Martinique. Both probably issued in 2012.

There isn't much information findable concerning this beach, but the sender says it's one of the prettiest beaches on the island and is situated in the south. She used to go there often with her family to picknick, but due to her studies she had to move to the north side of the island. Apparently there has been built a 4 star hotel named Le Palm not too far away from it. Now there are much more tourists than before. She also says that this beach is very liked to walk and jog. Well, I don't see myself running there. I would rathersit and relax with a cocktail and watch the sun set!

Thank you very much Angélique!

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