donderdag 6 december 2012

Fireworks festival Singapore

The Singapore Fireworks Celebration, formerly known as the Singapore Fireworks Festival, is part of the National Day ( celebrations held annually to commemorate Singapore's independence from Malaysia on August 9th,1965. Because Singapore is a small city-state consisting of the tip of the Malaysian peninsula and the small islands surrounding it, citizens come from all parts of the city to celebrate the festivities. To attend the parade or celebrations, advance tickets are always required.

Singapore's first fireworks display at the National Day celebration was in 2004 at Marina Bay (, one of Singapore's leading outdoor events venues. The Singapore Tourism Board ( sponsors the events, which include a parade, storytelling, costumes and theater. The parade is a march through the city of Singapore's best military performers, complete with a fighter jet air show. In the evening, musical performances, multicultural displays and video displays honoring the country lead up to the epic finale of spectacular fireworks.

Thank you very much Isaac Sim!

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