maandag 5 november 2012

Night view of Belo Horizonte

Named because of its magnificent views of the neighbouring mountainous scenery, many locals in Belo Horizonte simply refer to this capital city as 'Bay Agah', since that is Portuguese for 'BH'. For the best city panoramas, tourists often choose to climb the hills on the southern side of Belo Horizonte, where aerial views reveal the organised layout of the cityscape below.

There are many good reasons to visit Belo Horizonte, namely its tropical weather, vibrant tourism scene, friendly residents, fine dining around the Lourdes area, bustling market stalls within the indoor Mercado Central (Central Market), frequently staged events at the Palacio das Artes (Palace of the Arts) and its wealth of possible day trips. When you arrive, if you simply wish to get a feel for the city, then take a stroll around its streets, particularly the cosmopolitan Savassi neighbourhood and the Praca de Liberdade, where the rather opulent Palacio do Governo presides. [source:]

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