dinsdag 6 november 2012

Dublin city

Dublin, Ireland's capital city, lies on Dublin Bay and overlooks the Irish sea that divides Ireland and Great Britain. The city ranks among the top tourist destinations in Europe and in the last couple of decades there has been an economic boom, which has seen areas of the city change dramatically. Many historical areas have been rejuvenated and restored, new shopping centres have arrived along with restaurants, clubs and bars, making this a very exciting place to stay.

Much of central Dublin is filled with beautiful period buildings with elegant Georgian architecture. This city is unfortunately a fairly expensive place to look for accommodation, especially during the busy peak season, between the months of May to September. Hotels are at their most pricey on the southern side of the River Iffey, where central locations include O'Connell Street, Temple Bar and Trinity College. However, the relatively recent addition of the city's popular Luas tramline now means that cheaper hotels within the city's suburbs are far easier to reach. [source: dublin.world-guides.com]

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