vrijdag 23 november 2012

Cute young fox

Stamp : Canada Post honours the Year of the Dragon - a time of innovation, risk and achievement - the fifth zodiac sign of the Lunar New Year. The images on these spectacular stamps are rich, complex and striking - perfect for Lunar New Year greetings.

A fox is a carnivorous mammal, related to the dog family. They have red, brown, black, silver or grey coats. They are found in most parts of the world, especially in the northern hemisphere. They are nocturnal mammals, which mean, they stay awake at night for hunting. A fox is generally smaller in size compared with other members of the dog family like wolves, jackals and domestic dogs. Fox animal information will help us know a few facts about the life of a fox.

Description and appearance: They are small, slender mammals with pointy nose. They have large erect ears with a bushy tail. The claws are strong and non-retractable. It has beautiful shiny fur. Legs have black paws. Their body length is about 100 to 112 cm, including the tail. They have very good sense of smell and hearing. There are around 12 different species of foxes found across the world. This includes the urban fox or the red fox, the white arctic fox, the light colored sand fox and the tiny fennec fox.

Habitat: They live in burrows dug by other animals. They might also dig a tunnel of their own in loose soil. Their shelters can have more than one entrance. The dens are lined with leaves and grass. A family might have more than one den. [source: animalport]

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