maandag 5 november 2012

Corfe castle

Towering dramatically above the picturesque stone village at its foot, the imposing ruins of Corfe Castle stand at the very heart of Purbeck. Begun by the Normans around 1086, Corfe Castle later became one of England's greatest strongholds. During the English Civil War, under Royalist ownership, it was captured by Parliamentary troops in 1646 and destroyed. Visitors climbing its lofty ramparts today are rewarded with magnificent views of unspoilt Purbeck coast and countryside.

While the National Trust Castle View Visitor Centre colourfully introduces the Castle's history, the Model Village in West Street displays its former grandeur and takes you back in time to 1646. The Town Museum nearby is housed in the "smallest Town Hall building in England" and is well worth a visit. [Source:]

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